About Thats Carpy

My name is Stuart, this is my blog of fishing trips and adventures detailing my trials and tribulations as i learn more about the fishing scene.
The fishing started in late 2013 after being encouraged by a work colleague to give it try.
He convinced me to part with £200 of my hard earned cash to purchase a feeder rod, reel, line and end tackle and the next day the purchases arrived and we were up and running with my fishing starter kit.
Having a fondness for most aspects of fishing by arsenal of rods, reels and luggage has continue to multiply on an almost monthly basis.
With living in the North East of England, we are not blessed with the same number of coarse fishing lakes as in more southern counties, people from the North East having a greater preference for fly fishing.
With the lakes limited close to home we have to travel to find adventures, this may be for 30 minutes or it could be for 4 hours.
As with most things fishing isn’t always as easy as it seems, take for instance a commercial fishing very heavily stocked made clear by the very muddy water and lack of weed then the bigger day tickets that have less stock and a limited number of clear areas to present a bait on.
Its taking time to learn and grow from an obvious amateur to hopefully a better more experience angler, with this website i hope to share my experiences.

“Sometime when the water is quiet you can almost hear the fish laughing at you” – unkown

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