Newhay Lakes – Selby – 24hr Session

It was with great anticipation that we planned our next fishing adventure away to a Newhay Lakes Selby a venue some 1hr 45 mins drive.

The trip was planned for over a week, the night before was spent sorting my carp luggage, packing some treats into my bait bag and charging the power cells on remote batteries in-case of any mobile phone battery deaths.

Saturday morning arrives and I drag myself from my snug bed at the crack of sparrows 4.30am, only to get ready and receive a text message informing me that one of the guys has had an alarm clock malfunction and will be late.

Being the last to be picked up the guys both kindly throw my gear in the our clapped out van which i borrowed from work for the day and its now 5.30am and we we’re finally one our way.

Newhay Lakes 019Arriving at the lakes shortly before 7.00am having already stopped for a coffee and sausage sandwich somewhere along the way.

The signs at the lake gate says opening time was 8.00am but there was already a guy fishing who told us we could set up straight away and there shouldn’t be a problem.

We pick our pegs and i set up the my bivvy, bedchair, bits and bobs only to have one of the guys cast in and discover my worst nightmare.

Newhay Lakes 022I had read on the internet by the way of forum posts that the lake in the past had been weedy but hoped that was a thing of the past, unfortunately for me as a relatively inexperienced angler the lake was pretty much covered in a bed of thick weed with very few clear spots.

Mathew the youngest of the group sitting on a peg to my left and just round the corner casts in against the far margin and straight away he find a clear spot.

Mathew having only cast in for 10 minutes gets a take on one of his rods and he carefully playing a fish before the rest of us have been got the rods in the water, he successfully lands the fish which turns out to be a nice grass carp, could this be a sign of things to come?

Luke doesn’t have the same luck as he spends the next few hours manipulating a sea lead with its spikes held in place with an elastic band so that he can rake himself a spot out against the island to his left, after shifting a few kilos of weed he finally gets cast in.

After more than fair few casts in i find a few spots that although i wouldn’t say where clear they were better than anywhere else i could find. 

This lakes ducks are really friendly
This lakes ducks are really friendly

The morning comes and goes, i spend the afternoon waiting patiently for signs of fish and listening to the football on the radio.

Despite a few bleeps on the buzzers the no carp fancied taking my bait.

We ordered a pizza for supper which was delivered to the fishery gate and made sure to tidy the rubbish up afterwards.

The evening and night was very windy with heavy rain, so we spent much of this time inside the bivvy, duting a brief break in the wind and rain finally cleared in the morning it was just in time for Luke to get a take on one of his rods.

It was only a small carp about 3lb, obviously this is someway of the supposedly 30lbers that live in the lake.

That was the last of the action for the session, so no fish for me but still a enjoyable day.

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