I See A Carp!!!

Down at the local lake that i frequently walk around, i always take a bag of pellets, maggots, sweetcorn or anything else that the fish can eat when i visit.
It could be weird sensation to think i probably get more pleasure out of just feeding the fish than actually catching them.
On a few separate occasions i’d been on the same peg feeding the fish and seen what must be one of the biggest carp in this particular lake, maybe something like 15lbs, not huge by carp standards but alot bigger than anything else i’d seen in this water.
Despite seeing it several times i’d never managed to get a picture of it to prove to the other lads there was aleast one decent carp in that lake, either it would be rainging or too windy to take a decent photo.
However, this particular Friday evening i was at the lake with my camera chatting to two of the lads that were doing a session on the tougher of the carp lakes when i felt like a quick stroll over to the match style lake to see if i could see this carp.
I sat on the peg looking into the water sitting as still of possible waiting to see if anything would show, after about 10 mins i looked out into the water to see Mr Carp coming towards me, i couldn’t believe my luck, a almost 3 acre lake and this carp has come right into the margin just in front of where i’m sitting, i quickly unpack my camera and get a photo and i’m also able to get a good few minutes of video for good measure.
Now i have the proof there is a decent size carp in this lake!!!!

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