Day Session – Paradise Fisheries – Witton Park

Planning for the following days session didn’t go completely to plan the idea was to get down there for 5.00am to catch out the hopefully blurry eyed tench.

First issue for the trip, nothing to make sandwich with in the fridge and with there being no facilities of the lake i knew that if i went fishing without any food it would only be a mount of hours before the hunger started to creep over me, especially if bites were hard to come by.

The change of plan involved a departure time of 6.55am that would involve passing a local bakery just as it opens at 7.00am, a cappuccino and sausage baguette to go and a sandwich with a bottle of water for later.

Making the 15 minute short trip to lakes i came to gates of the venue and the inevitable treacherous decline down a steep winding road littered with big peaks and troughs of pot holes that make up the only access road.

Nice and calm
Nice and calm

Having safely made it down the road with only minor bumper scrapes for my troubles, i come across a van that i recognise and sure enough its one of my work colleagues already beaten me to the lakes, even though he told me he wouldn’t be down till 9 or 10 and here he is at 7.15, these carp anglers you cannot trust a word they say.

Armed with four pints of maggots and a bag of hemp i marched my way over to the swim and began to set up.

This particular swim was quiet elevated but come to think of it all the swims probably are as the water level must be a good two feet below what i’m used to seeing here.

With the added height and polarised glasses applied it was much easier to see what was happening in the clear water.

My baitrunner reel, awesome piece of kit
My baitrunner reel, awesome piece of kit

About two and abit rods lengths out and to my left having identified my target area of being a clear bar devoid of weed in an otherwise extremely weedy lake i began the maggot barrage, steadily trickling in the bait hoping to get the fish feeding.

The weather was very changeable with bright sunshine followed by heavy cloud but thankfully it did no rain.

First fish to take the bait for a tench, great fighter and typical of most of the tench in here it headed straight for the weeds, holding the fish out of weeds while still letting it motor from side to side until it was ready for the net.

The action was as great as previous visit one solitary tench to my name i remember seeing a decent size carp for this lake may 8-10lb cruising over the weed beds after thinking to myself i hold it doesn’t pick up the hook bait as i hadn’t intended to see any carp in here as they are very few and far between.

With my eyes firming fixed on this cruising carp the rod pulled right rod, so i’m thinking another tench on the end, i pick the rod up and start reeling and it feels somewhat different this fish and to my surprise as it gets closer i can see its another carp, crazy i’ve not seen any carp all morning the one shows up over the feeds and another has helped itself to my pellet hook bait.

Holding onto the feeder rod with my heart going nintey to the dozen, i reel it closer to the net it comes in faily easily the powers of again when it two feet from the net, it does this three times, before i get the net under it.

Still holding it!!!
Still holding it!!!

Frantically trying to find my phone to get my work mate to come over and take a few pictures for me, he’s asking me how big is it and i’m saying “big enough for me” turns out even though weren’t able to weight it it was probably a double maybe 10lb, but still for me bearing in mind the tench probably out number the carp by 30 to 1 in this lake it was a great result for me and i was chuffed to bits with it.

After the excitement of catching the ultra rare carp, i stayed another 30 mins before calling it a day and then slowly packed up and left for home.


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