Day Session Paradise Fisheries – Witton Park – Tench Fishing

A trip to a local fishery for this weekend, not that earlier start this Saturday 11th July 2015, sees me arrive at the lakes just after 7.00am.

We’re on lake two as its known i make my way to my current favorite spot which i just happen to have been baiting regularly for the last week.

Armed only with one feeder rod, two banks, a chair and a small amount of fish food I parked the car and wandered over to the peg and got myself set up.

The water is very clear in this lake at present so from my elevated position I could see what was going on in the margin and a few rod lengths out where I was fishing.

Once sitting comfortably i began to feed the maggots into the water and roach began to show.

The roach aren’t very large in this lake at present as there has been a few predators on the water due to the fact it hasn’t has many anglers on it in the last few years.

Knowing that there aren’t big roach in here allows me to fish a 10mm drilled pellet as a hook bait as they can not pick this up.

If i kept putting the food in i knew that sooner or later the little green beasties would grace us with their presence as they tend to be present in decent numbers and with the lake seeing very little pressure for the last few years they probably would be expecting to get caught.

The morning wore on and a few catches followed, the sun high in the sky blasting out a decent amount of heat made me look desperately for a hat prevent my now not so thick hair covered head from burning!

The tench takes make for great sport on this water, but you are to be mindful of the fact that theres alot of dense weed about at present, and as soon as the tench pick the hook up they head straight for it.

I had to break off at 11.00am to attend a meeting hosted by the fishery’s new owner and several potential future members.

An interesting meeting ensued where we were told of the future plans for the set of three lakes, lets wait and see what happens with the place.

A couple of the lads where kind enough to take a few photos for me.

The session results were 7 tench and 1 bream before leaving for home at 13.00.

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