Stanwick Lakes – 48hrs – 4th April 2015

This bank holiday we travel some 3hrs south to the Stanwick Lakes complex in Wellingborough.

Having never been here before let alone never spending 48hrs on the bank trying to tease a carp to slip up and accept my sinister little offerings I didn’t know what to expect but i was looking forward to it.

Luke had fished it several times on evening sessions when away with work so was familiar with the complex and on reasonable terms with the bailiffs.

We had called during the week to check that there would be space on the lakes when we arrives and we were assured that providing we got the early we have the freedom of the complex to pick our swims as most people don’t arrive till the afternoon.

That sounded like a good plan, so we get there earliy to find the lake starting to fill up, the bailiff told us where i could fish in order to be next to somewhere near Luke.

Passing the first lakes after the car park known as believe it or not the “Car Park” lake, we made our way around the sticky muddy path to our swims, my buddy decided to fish Elsons lake chasing a somewhat incredible sounding almost 40lb carp while I fished the more prolific Mallard lake.

We finally get to set up!
We finally get to set up!

The swims although on different lakes were in fact back to back with each other, ideal for me as if I should hook a scaling monster then backup would not be far away.

The temperature was still pretty chilly at a 10 degrees, and with the occasional shower thrown in for good measure.

I had to patiently wait for a gent to vacate my chosen swim, the guy did tell me he was leaving in 10 minutes but then took over an hour to make a move.

Hastily putting up my bivvy and bed chair to try and escape the elements.

No stage stands and a little muddy!
No stage stands and a little muddy!

Unfortunately the peg was better suited to the use of stage stands which i not only didn’t have i also dont own any!

If i’d realised then longer bank sticks would have been deployed in order to allow to get the lines over the wooden platform.

The grass and the banks were all looking tired and muddy and crying out for the spring/summer months to get a fresh covering of the green stuff.

Rods finally out, bobbins set to stun and we’re fishing, the hours pass very quickly on the first day with nothing to report

Its time like this that i have to practice a little self discipline as i’m easily get bored and i have to fight the temptation to keep firing more boilies in and disturbing the swim..

Second day arrives and i’m up early looking for the fish, signs of movement over to the left of the swim indicating the fish may be in among the reeds, so i repositioned one of the rods up against them and hoped that my observation as well as being told by the bailiff that the reeds are a productive area would yield results.

Boilies were spread sparingly as i wasn’t sure anything was actually taking them, despite me describing this lake as prolific the feedback from chatting to the other anglers is that Mallard lake had actually become alot harder than it once was, the fish getting wiser to the fact they being fish for and not falling foul of anglers hooks as often.

With it being a bank holiday the complex was rammed with the maximum number of swims they allow to be allocate being full.

It was tough going all day, nothing showing and nothing to go at, darkness came around 6.30pm and the temperature dropped further, take away now ordered and i made my way to the complex entrance to receive it from delivery gu

My home for the bank holiday
My home for the bank holiday

Nothing to report during the night apart from a police helicopter and search light making a decent racket at 3.00am in the morning while the scoured the adjacent field.

So after a early morning prowl around the lake borders looking for unsuspecting fish without joy, we reluctantly pack up and make our way home.

No fish to show for our troubles but i guess this is the way it is with the sneaky carp critters, great complex and i hope to be back again sometime in the future, my first 48hrs session now complete.

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