Day Session – The Oaks Lakes – Sessay

Another Saturday and its another solo trip to the quality The Oaks Lakes, Sessay
An early rise seem me arrive at the fishery just before opening time of 6.30am to find the access to the specimen lake blocked by a bollard, so i immediately forget about parking my car next to my peg and settle for the car park.
It wasn’t until after the bailiff tackled me about needing a 42″ landing on the specimen lake as there are 30lb carp swimming about i took my turn to tackle him about not being able to get the car next to my peg it then pointed out that the bollard was only there as group of guys had been allowed to bivvy up on the road as they had been there for the whole week.
He then abligied and removed the offending obstacle so i was straight back to the car to move it next my choosen swim.
Thankfully no big carp took my little 10mm hook bait attached to my 6lb line, that was attached to my feeder rod, would have been a day to remember trying to land a big carp on this set up.
However, plenty of roach and rudd to be had as well as the odd perch, a great days fishing.
I’d highly recommend this place to anyone


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