Day Session – Aldin Grange Lakes – Bearpark

This was my journey solo outing a novice fisherman so i picked a close venue called Aldin Grange Lakes, Bearpark in Durham.
The complex has a series of 5 lakes, 2 trout (fly only), two coarse and one competition/match lake.
It has its own tackle shop and cafe on site so stocking up on the essential and getting a bite to eat are no problem.
Open arriving just before opening time of 7.00 am, since no one was there to take my money i left the tackle in the car and had a walk round before choosing my peg on the Blackbird lake, this being the closest coarse lake to the carp park!
I piled plenty of bait in even though i was told don’t overfeed but i like to think of it as not overfeeding but being positive, the fish deserve loads of freedies when they in my swim.
Again fishing the feeder with a quiver tip after a quiet start the bites began to come, at around 12.00pm i packed up and just after i sneakily fed the ducks i made my way home.
A nice fishery and one that i wonder definitely


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