Day Session – The Brickyards Fishery – Ripon

Early March sees me venture out again this time its The Brickyards Fishery at Ripon.
Up bright and early we make the 1 hour journey to the fishery which is a collection of two lakes within a farmers field, access if by means of driving through the adjacent field where there is a designated parking stop marked by the presence of a portaloo toilet.
It by no means a commercial fishery but more of a drive and survive fishing lakes.

One of the two lakes available on the fishery
One of the two lakes available on the fishery

The two hold a complete array of coarse fish from roach to decent sized bream and carp.
The lakes are targeted by both coarse and carp anglers in equal measure.
During this session i was feeder fishing with ground bait, pellets, hemp and casters, while Luke targeted the carp.
Being still early in the year it was still really cold but despite this the bites came fairly easily which was a little surprising as this was the first time i’d been left on my own to choose my tactics and baits.
It was a curious time for me as i sat quietly minding my own business i couldn’t help overhear and watch as two guys started to set up behind me to carp fish the lake behind.
They had several carp barrow loads of tackle and luggage, much of it pretty shiny and looking quiet new, having watched for the best part of an hour and a half as they completed there setup one particular gent plucked up the courage to make his first cast out.
I watched with intrigue as he drew the bail arm back on his reel then sent his lead and hook sailing over to the other side of the lake, straight into a tree!!!
Surely this was just bad luck, poor guy could not retrieve the lead and end tackle so he had to pull for a break and after a short battle the line broke.
He set up again and would you believe it he did it again, not once and not twice but three times he hits the same tree and gets stuck.
Eventually at the fourth time of asking he manages to hit the water, then spends 30 mins playing all the different tunes on his bite alarm for the pleasure of the rest of the anglers on the lake.
But these are the joys of fishing.
After feeding my spot with casters and pellets i started to get the rewards in the form of steady stream of bream catching  and ended the day with no less than 13 bream landed and safely return.
If i remember correctly Luke managed to get a couple of fish one being a carp, but of the few others anglers on the lakes there didn’t seem to be much happening.
Happy with my days effort we packed up and made our way home.