Day Session – The Oaks Lakes – Sessay

Second fishing trip now organised and away we go to The Oaks Lakes – Sessay, North Yorkshire 4th January 2014.
The Oaks Lakes is a very popular commercial fishery with 10 lakes and over 400 pegs and its always busy at the weekend as it holds several fishing matches.
Complete with tackle shop and cafe, it has good size car park with easy access to all the lakes.
The cafe gets really busy about 7.30am as everyone arrives for the match draw and to get there breakfast, the full breakfast is the one to get if you ask me.
If you get there early the car park will be pretty empty but it gets busy fairly quickly.
For this visit although I was there with the feeder rod in hand, we choose to go on the specimen carp lake as we had heard there were decent size perch lurking in the margins.
I didn’t realise it at the time but your not normally allowed to fish the specimen lake with feeder rods and match fishing gear, it was just by chance that we were there in January and they sometimes let you target the roach in the colder months of December and January on this water.
An added benefit to this lake is we could park directly next to the peg so no need to carry gear to the swims.
After a little casting practice we starting catching the roach, most of the other anglers on the lake were targeting the carp which seemed to be really quiet at the time.
A good method to catch the Perch in here is to ledger worm in the margin while trickling about 10 maggots over the top ever minute or so.
You can expect to catch yourself perch to over 3lb which is pretty good.
Although it was a cold day we have a great time and by the end of the day we had a hat full of roach and perch!